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We offer free consultation to all those willing to invest in crypto mining. Be it bitcoin, etherium or any coins related to ether. We will guide on which crypto to mine, miners to buy and give you an estimated return over a period of time

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We are a company that specializes in cryptocurrency mining hardware. The company was founded by Dr. Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan and has been making products for the past seven years. We will talk about what we are, how we got started, and what our future plans are!

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We have a very good and very friendly customer service always at your disposal.

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Our miners have evolved over the years to enable customers make the most profit out of these machines


Security is a very vital issue when it comes to crypto. We have however addressed this issue on all our miners

What is Innosilicon miner

The Innosilicon miner is a device that helps to mine Bitcoin. It consists of the hardware and software. The hardware typically includes, but not limited to: an ASIC or graphics card, a motherboard with CPU and RAM; power supply unit (PSU); cables for connecting devices together; cooling fans for keeping the temperature under control; frame/case with side panels which protects all components from dust, liquids, and physical damage. The software includes mining software such as BFGminer what can be used on the Windows PC platform only.

There are two main types of miners: solo GPU miners–which use one video card connected by PCIe cable directly to the computer’s PCI-E slot–and pooled miner where multiple computers work in tandem using software to split the workload.

Solo miners use a miner program that is typically easy for beginners which can be downloaded from a variety of sources on the internet such as Bitcointalk forums or Bitcoin forum, and each video card has its own address in order to receive payments individually. “Pooled” miners work together with other computers to process transactions more quickly, but these require much more hashing power than solo mining due to the fact that they are splitting up the rewards among all participants according to their individual processing powers–thus it’s not practical for small-scale operations like home computing systems.

The hardware (PC) will need an operating system installed then connected through a USB cable where drivers should automatically install without any additional input from the user. In order to mine coins, a miner will need what’s called an “address” which is like a bank account for cryptocurrency that anyone can use and send funds from in order to receive payments. One of the most popular and easiest ways to generate new ones is by using an online wallet service like Blockchain or Coinbase-both companies provide free wallets with a small amount of currency already transferred into them for you to start mining right away!

Achieving success as a solo miner usually requires time, technical know-how, and resources (electricity), but it still may be worth exploring even if only out of curiosity.

Innosilicon A10 Pro Review

Innosilican A10 pro is an Ethash algorithm mining gear sold by Innosilicon. It is capable to mine Ethereum (ETH) with a highest hashrate of 500,000,000 H/s for a power use of 1350W. The price of innosilicon a10 pro is only USD 4388.

InnoSilicon A10 Features

Power use

1350 W (+ ten percent, on wall, with ninety-three percent efficiency PSU, 25 C temperature) (L)360mm*(W)136mm*(H)282mm and net Weight only : 8.6 Kg

Temperature : 0°C to 40°C

Noise level: Noise Level: 75db Fan

Internet connection: Ethernet Ambient

Power supply: Innosilicon A10 pro ETH miner with 7G memory is a latest upgraded edition optimized for ETH mining, performing with an energy-efficient hash rate of 750MH/S at 1350W. Power supply unit is added.

Hashrate: 750MH/s (±5%)

A10 pro 750 PSU is more than 1300W, so please buy AC cable with 3*2.0 specifications and three wire core with diameter no less than 2.0mm built-in web management portal. No separate program of host computer needed all taxes and custom duties are added in price.


Please make sure your farm use right cooling, dust filter and 10A AC cable to meet the right operating situation needs. Humidity <75%, AC voltage 210~240V power supply AC input present 10A, dust <0.5 Mg/m3.

Innosilicon A10 For Sale

At, we have the best quality miners for litecoins, bitcoins and etherium based crypto. We ship worldwide by freight, making the process very fast, safe and guaranteeing delivery. It is not new that our miners are of the best quality and very highly profitable. Our miners are built with state of the art custom chips which are designed by our very own engineers which leads to more efficiency and higher hash rates. Having shipped over 2000 pieces of different miner variations, i don’t see why you shouldn’t buy from us.

We offer free shipping on all orders and huge discounts for bulk orders. We also accept retailers and open to new distributors. With that having being said, what are you waiting for to shop with us today?

Is Innosilion Miner Profitable

Prior to adding interest in purchasing more miners, a great many people will consider which excavator is more profitable and how to earn back the original investment as quickly as time permits.

Can you overclock the Innosilicon a9 zmaster?

The Innosilicon a-series of miners can be overclocked up to 45%. This is accomplished by using the software, which is available for both Windows and macOS. After downloading and installing, you will need to launch it by double-clicking on the application icon or right-click > open with… In there select “Innosilcon App” from the drop-down menu. Then just input your desired speed in % above 100% (such as what I’ve set mine at 115%) then hit Apply Speed Adjustment button below before hitting apply clocks. You’ll notice that this miner automatically adjusts its voltage levels based on what’s chosen so you don’t have to do anything else other than press “apply clock adjustment.”

It is not recommended to overclock this miner if it’s new, but it’s possible you can do so. If the voltage is too high for your machine or there are some other problems like instability in the software then overclocking will cause those sorts of issues and might even damage the computer.

The benefits of using Innosilicon:

Ease of use: the device is easy to set up and configure. It requires no technical knowledge or expertise, just plug it in with the power cable, connect a mouse and monitor, then you’re ready for mining.

Cost effectiveness: as an algorithm based on x11, it’s cost efficiency per joule invested is much higher than traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin’s sha256d which only relies on brute force methods without any optimization technique applied.

Higher yield: with high performance yet low consumption rate of energy and cooling equipment that ensures stable operation at all times; users are able to enjoy both stability and substantial profit margins through Innosilicon miner machines.

Better returns: The Innosilicon miner machines provide users with a new way to make money from an old source of wealth, cryptocurrency; without the need for any specialized knowledge or expertise.

Day trading: If you have experience in day trading and enjoy flipping coins then this is the perfect opportunity for you because it can be done at home which means no time wasted on your daily commute! And what’s more – there are plenty of opportunities so if one doesn’t go as planned, just try again next hour and see what happens…

Trading algorithms: This type of investing takes hours per day away from their workdays but makes them feel like they are constantly striving towards personal accomplishment. Most people who use these methods trade while watching TV or during break times at work when they’re bored.

Chart analysis: This method is an even more intense form of trading that requires a lot of time in front of the computer, but it’s also one that can make you serious money if done right.



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We are a company that specializes in cryptocurrency mining hardware. The company was founded by Dr. Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan and has been making products for the past seven years.




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